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Instructions for Readers’Admission

1. Enter the library via instructed channels with the University ID card.

2. Keep silent in the library. Don’t make noise in the library, take or make phone calls outside or only at the space without influence on other readers.

3. Keep clean in the library. Don’t throw waste; don’t paint freely, and don’t post or distribute advertisement or other materials.

4. Pay attention to safety precautions. Don’t smoke or use open fire in the library; take charge of your individual belongings.

5. Take good care of books and other materials. Please don’t fold, tear, cut, stain, damage books, newspapers and other materials.

6. Be civilized in the library. Please keep civilized speak, generous bearings and suitable dressing; Please take care of the facilities, and any drinks or food are not allowed here.

7. Tidy up your own belongings. Before leaving the reading room, please tidy up your belongings and don’t bring books, journals, library assets or other’s things out of the library without borrowing permission.

8. Exit the library orderly. Please leave the library according to the instruction. If the alarm rings, please actively cooperate with the librarians and their inspections. People with serious violation would be sent to the security department.

The Regulations of Using University ID Card

I.Use Regulation

1、The readers should bring University ID Card with them in the library, use it in accordance with the regulations and accept the inspection of staffs.

2、The University ID card should be kept by the owner, and it is not allowed to be lent or forged.

3、During the period of reapplying your new University ID card, you can enter the library with the student’s ID card.

II.Departure procedures

1.When readers leave the university (including graduation, job transfer, suspension of schooling, dropout, learning abroad, and completion of advanced studies, etc), you should return all borrowed books and complete the cancellation procedures at certificate processing desk of the library’s borrow-return service office.

2.If a user haven’t retured all borrowed books or the card to the library before leaving school according to the regulations, the responsible department orguarantormust take the responsibility of retrieving borrowed books or paying fines.

III. Punishment for Violation

1. The University ID card can be only used by the owner, it is not allowed to be lent to others. If somebody is found lending or falsely using other’s University ID card, he or she will be reported to his or her faculty and the security department.

2. Those who bring books, journals and other materials out without borrowing permission shall be seen as the act of theft and they will be reported to his or her faculty and the security department.

Instructions for Documents Borrowing, Returning and Reading

In order to correctly use books, journals, newspapers, documents, CDs and tapes, (hereinafter referred to as literature), please read the following table carefully.

1.Borrow Limits and Period

User Profile

General Borrowing


General Borrowing Period/Days

Renewing Books/Times

Doctoral Supervisor
















2.When you check out books, please check if the books are defaced or damaged. If so, it should be reported to the librarians to mark a “stain” logo.

3.When you borrow or return documents, please make sure the information shown in the computer is the same as what you borrow. If it is different, please ask the librarians to correct it.

4.Please well keep the borrow documents, don’t annotate, paint, fold, draw, stain, ect. If documents are damaged, the reader should be responsible for the loss according to the Regulation of Violating Use of Library Documents, also known as Regulations for short.

5. Please use and return borrowed documents as soon as possible. If it is overdue, the reader should be responsible for the violation according to the Regulations. For the documents which are due during the holiday, the borrowing period can be prolonged to the first week after the end of the holiday.

6. If the book is lost, the reader should responsible for the loss according to the Regulations.

7. Literature in newspaper rooms, magazines, and collection rooms are limited to reading in the reading room only.

Regulation of Violating Use of Library Documents


Users will pay overdue fines if the borrowed books are not returned within the due date according to relevant regulations: 0.05/day/one volume. For the documents which are due during the holiday, the borrowing period can be prolonged to the first week after the end of the holiday.


If the librarians find stain in a document without “stained” logo when the reader returns books:

1.The librarian will reprimand the reader;

2.For the irreparable stain, the reader should make up for it and return the document after the permission of the librarian.

3.For the damaged barcode or book label, every one place will be fined 5 yuan.

4.For the irreparable stain, readers should compensate it in accordance with book loss.

III. Loss

If readers lose books, journals or other documents, they are encouraged to compensate documents in the same version to make up the shortage of the library. For those who can not compensate documents in the same version, the situations can be divided into the followings:

1.Book Loss

1) According to the number of collections, borrowing frequency, and publishing date, the system willgenerate compensation at 2 to 10times of the book price.

2) Compensation: If the reader loses the book and the same edition is no longer available, the compensationshall be made at 3 times of its highest edition.

2. Loss Procedures for Overdue Resource

When the reader finishes the compensation procedures for loss, the reader should also pay the fees for overdue while paying the loss fees of literature resources.

3. Loss and Recovering

After finishing the compensation procedure, if the reader can find the lost book or buy the same version within 30 days, and the compensation can be refunded to the reader through the University ID card after the refund procedure.

IV. Stealing or Damaging Literature Recourse

For those who bring literature recourse out of the library without borrowing them, or those who damage, tear them, following measures will be taken:

1.Librarians will reprimand and educate them;

2.They will be sent to their faculties and give punishment according to pertaining regulations. For those who serious violate regulations with bad attitudes, they will be sent to their facilities and the security department.