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When you walk into the library, please read the pertaining regulations before entering the reading room or stack book.

1. The University ID Card can only be used by the owner, lending to others or asking others to borrow books are forbidden.

2. If readers lose books, journals or other documents, they are encouraged to find the same version to make up the shortage.

3. The University ID Card can only be used within the validity period of the student status.

4. For those who is overdue to return books, the fees will be taken according to overdue days; every book charges 0.05 RMB every day.

5. The journals and other books in reading room are not allowed to be borrowed to other places. If the readers need duplicating, you can duplicate them at the library or bring them out of the library and return them before the library is closed under the permission of the librarians.

In addition, the library is a civilized and public place, and everyone should pay attention to their behaviors and work together to establish a civilized image of the library.