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Xi’an Technological University Library was established in 1956. It is an information center of books and documents in the university and an important institute for teaching, scientific research and academic activities. It is also the core institute for cultivation and education, and the window of the university’s services for the community.

Our university has Jinhua Campus Library and Weiyang Campus Library with a total construction area of 43 thousand square meters. The Library in Weiyang Campus was constructed and taken into use in 2006. The two libraries apply entrance guard system of computing management at the gate, which can collect the data of entrance personnel and form detailed records. There are 20 reading rooms for different functions. This library has five departments and an office: Department of Purchasing & Cataloging, Department of Circulation & Reading, Department of Network Center, Department of Researching Services, the Department of Circulation & Reading II, also known as Department of Resource Promotion, and the Library Office.

This library has more than 1.8 million paper books, nearly 3,698 paper journals, and 34,900 e- journals. It also has 28 Chinese and foreign e-resources, and 2 self-built databases including the master thesis database and CD collection database.

In the respect of digital construction, the library has more than 500 wired information points and partly covered by wireless network, with 11 servers and the storage capacity of 130T. Readers can find retrieval machines at the public areas of every floor. The network center connects to library with the center in university via ten gigabit optical fiber, and it can ensure more than ten thousand of readers to acquire document information. This library also cooperates with other university libraries and science and technology information research institutions in Shaanxi Province to share resources across space.

The library management keeps closely with the development of science and technology. In 1999, it implemented microcomputer management of collection resources. In 2006, the new library applied the modern management and service model of“larger space and greater openness”, realized the integration of borrowing, reading, collecting and consulting. since the end of the same year, the two libraries have been connected through the Internet. There are 4067 seats in reading rooms and they open for about 101 hours every week.

This library pays more attention to the humanized services to the readers. It ensures the circulation of non-book documents including CD and tapes, and the readers’ recommendation of books online. The library also has a book donation channel to offer compassion, the reminder of due documents, as well as the searching and delivery of technological documents. It also cultivates a cultural atmosphere to make readers feel comfortable and enjoyable.

This library is turning from the paper book to the coexistence of paper book and e-book, and from borrowing in the library to the coexistence of borrowing and reading online. It is also transferring from independent purchase to joint efforts by the library and faculties, and from providing documents information to providing knowledge, information and services, further extending to uphold virtues and studies . All these services have been carried out and gradually improved, and the library has always laid emphasis on its role to manage and serve for education.

The library is an important base of information in the university, and the component of information in society. All our staffs will stick to the school motto of “upholding virtues and studies, enhancing knowledge and practice”, and the service purpose of “people foremost and serving for education”. We set to help the healthy development of readers as the standards of work. We will carry forward the excellent team spirit, work hard with constant exploration to build our library into a modern library with advanced facilities and first-class management.